MSC - Multi-signal and multi-function portable smart calibrator

SIS brings to its customers the new MSC (Multifunction Smart Calibrator) from Seneca. It is a flexible and universal instrument for the maintenance and testing of process sensors and meters. With an accuracy class of better than 0.05% for each type of input/output, MSC offers measurement and signal generation: analog, digital, temperature sensor and load cell. This powerful calibrator offers advanced features such as automatic ramp generation (single or loop) and data logging with instant data sharing/exporting or an entire log session in .CSV format.

Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, MSC is able to power external devices or sensors and can be used without continuous power supply with the autonomy of up to 20 hours. With a reading capacity of up to 100,000 measurements and the full support of the LabVIEW libraries, it is suitable for professional and industrial use by PLC programmers, maintenance technicians, technical assistance companies, measurement laboratories, device control and calibration activities, electronics laboratories, electromechanical workshops, and quality control activities.

The device is supplied with a calibration report useful to verify its metrological characteristics and to validate the correctness and accuracy of the measured/generated signal during calibration sessions.
Parameter configuration and data management can be done from a Windows desktop application (via micro USB cable) or mobile app (for iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth connection).

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