Using the DataHub® Smart MQTT Broker™ middleware

SIS SA as official distribuitor for Cogent DataHub® in Romania, Bulgaria, Ungaria and Moldova present DataHub® Smart MQTT Broker™ middleware customers that can aggregate, standardize, and secure MQTT data.

DataHub® with native connections to AVEVA Historian, Insight and OSI Pi, along with availability in the Microsoft Azure marketplace provides a compelling and complete IoT solution.

MQTT is a simple protocol, but IoT systems are becoming increasingly complicated. Systems with large numbers of devices from multiple vendors and different MQTT formats need a smarter approach.
The DataHub® Smart MQTT Broker™ supports Sparkplug B and interprets message payloads. This lets it respond to errors, keep applications synchronized, reacts to failed writes, and more. 
For more, follow: Cogent Real-Time Systems, Inc. or Skkynet