“SIS SA developed  for Chemoil  contracts for services, technical support and maintenance  for safety and security systems in five of OMV Petrom SA deposits: South Bucharest Jilava, Isalnita Dolj, Cristian - Brasov, Bacau.

Accomplishing these services, OMV Petrom benefited from intervention and specialized technical support of SIS SA team. SIS team has always acted professionally, responded promptly to our needs and requirements, while giving evidence of flexibility, orientation to customer needs, by searching and finding solutions needed.”

Eng. Ion Pecie, General manager of Chemoil Impex SRL, client

“I had a very good collaboration with SIS SA during the <<Fire alarm and explosive gases system on Midia LNG terminal>> project. By the quality and professionalism of their work and through good communication, they helped me to not remain behind schedule and have a super competitive division. The hardware and software solutions made by SIS SA and the advices that they gave us to meet the needs of our work put me in a position of not only thanking them but also recommending them to others”

Eng. Vasile Ramniceanu from TIAB SA, client

“In my work I need trustful people that I can count on. My partners at SIS SA proved this to me every time I called them. Whether it was about the design, procurement, installation or commissioning of   the two projects << Fire detection, warning and gas leak system & Emergency Shut Down System at Iconita and Boldesti >> or it was about getting consultancy, their ideas have exceeded my expectations! I worked very well with everyone at SIS SA during our collaboration, and besides delivering good solutions that I needed, they supplied constant feedback on our internal processes.”

Eng. Stefan Mandru, General manager of Atlas Copco SRL, client